interface IDrawParticleParams {
    backgroundMask: boolean;
    colorStyles: IParticleColorStyle;
    composite: GlobalCompositeOperation;
    container: Container;
    context: CanvasRenderingContext2D;
    delta: IDelta;
    opacity: number;
    particle: Particle;
    radius: number;
    shadow: IShadow;
    transform: IParticleTransformValues;


backgroundMask: boolean

If enabled, the composite value will be used for blending the particle in the canvas

colorStyles: IParticleColorStyle

The color styles value

composite: GlobalCompositeOperation

The composite value to use for blending the particle in the canvas

container: Container

The container of the particle

context: CanvasRenderingContext2D

The canvas context to draw on

delta: IDelta

This variable contains the delta between the current frame and the previous frame

opacity: number

The opacity of the particle

particle: Particle

The particle to draw

radius: number

The radius of the particle

shadow: IShadow

The shadow of the particle

The particle transform values