Particles Links options, this configures how the particles link together


  • ILinks

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blink: boolean

Enables random blinking, if set to true and color is set to "random" the link will have a random color each frame resulting in a blinking animation

color: string | IRangeColor

Link line color, can be a string or an IOptionsColor object. If the value is "random", if blink is true sets a random color each frame, if consent is true a random color is used for all links, if blink and consent are false the color will be a gradient with the two linked particles color

consent: boolean

If enabled the links will have a single random color, if color value is "random"

distance: number

Sets the maximum particles link line length

enable: boolean

Enables the particles links

frequency: number
id?: string

Sets the link id, if two particles have a different link id they won't link together

opacity: number

Sets the maximum link opacity

shadow: ILinksShadow

Enables the link line shadow Shadows in canvas are really heavy and this can affect negatively on performances, use with caution

triangles: ILinksTriangle

Fills the triangles made by link lines

warp: boolean

Enable link lines warp, linking particles between edges like there's a warp portal at the edges

width: number

Sets the link line width