interface IOpacityAnimation {
    count: RangeValue;
    decay: RangeValue;
    delay: RangeValue;
    destroy: "max" | "none" | "min" | DestroyType;
    enable: boolean;
    mode: "auto" | "increase" | "decrease" | "random" | AnimationMode;
    speed: RangeValue;
    startValue: "max" | "min" | "random" | StartValueType;
    sync: boolean;

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count: RangeValue

Animation loop count

decay: RangeValue

Speed animation decay

delay: RangeValue

Animation delay, first time only

destroy: "max" | "none" | "min" | DestroyType

The value to use for destroying the particle.

enable: boolean

Enables/disables the animation

mode: "auto" | "increase" | "decrease" | "random" | AnimationMode
speed: RangeValue

Speed animation

startValue: "max" | "min" | "random" | StartValueType
sync: boolean

Enables the sync animations for the particles created at the same time pushed or emitter particles will be out of sync