Particles Opacity

key option type example notes
value number / range 0...1 / { min: 0.1, max: 0.8 }
animation.destroy string min
Destroys the particles if not none when it reaches the min or max
value of the animation
animation.enable boolean true / false
animation.speed number 3 Rate expressed as % per second for particle opacity values to reach min and max
specified opacity values
animation.startValue string min
Defines where is the starting value of the animation, if random property
is set this will be ignored
animation.sync boolean true / false Unless animation.startValue is set to random, when sync is toggled
true, particles will change opacity simultaneously for their entire
duration; when false, particles begin changing opacity from their
time of appearance, but independently of one another.
interface IOpacity {
    animation: IOpacityAnimation;
    value: RangeValue;


Implemented by



The animation opacity options

value: RangeValue

Value of property.