Module tsParticles Polygon Shape - v2.12.0


tsParticles Polygon Shape

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tsParticles additional polygon shape.

How to use it

CDN / Vanilla JS / jQuery

The CDN/Vanilla version JS has one required file in vanilla configuration:

Including the tsparticles.shape.polygon.min.js file will export the function to load the shape:



Once the scripts are loaded you can set up tsParticles and the shape like this:

(async () => {
await loadPolygonShape(tsParticles);

await tsParticles.load({
id: "tsparticles",
options: {
/* options */
/* here you can use particles.shape.type: "polygon" */
/* or you can use particles.shape.type: "triangle" */

ESM / CommonJS

This package is compatible also with ES or CommonJS modules, firstly this needs to be installed, like this:

$ npm install tsparticles-shape-polygon


$ yarn add tsparticles-shape-polygon

Then you need to import it in the app, like this:

const { tsParticles } = require("tsparticles-engine");
const { loadPolygonShape } = require("tsparticles-shape-polygon");

(async () => {
await loadPolygonShape(tsParticles);


import { tsParticles } from "tsparticles-engine";
import { loadPolygonShape } from "tsparticles-shape-polygon";

(async () => {
await loadPolygonShape(tsParticles);