Particles Rotate

key option type example notes
direction string "clockwise / counter-clockwise" / "random"
path boolean true / false
value number / range 0 / { min: 90, max: 270 } angle in degrees
animation.enable boolean true / false
animation.speed number 5 Rate at which a particle turns expressed in degrees per second
animation.sync boolean true / false When sync is toggled true, particles generated will rotate in
time with each other for their entire duration. However, when sync is
toggled false, particles generated begin turning at the set speed from
their time of appearance, but independently of one another.
interface ITilt {
    animation: ITiltAnimation;
    direction: "clockwise" | "counter-clockwise" | "random" | TiltDirection | "counterClockwise";
    enable: boolean;
    value: RangeValue;

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animation: ITiltAnimation
direction: "clockwise" | "counter-clockwise" | "random" | TiltDirection | "counterClockwise"
enable: boolean
value: RangeValue