Particles Size

key option type example notes
value number / object 50 / { min: 10, max: 50 }
animation.destroy string min
Destroys the particles if not none when it reaches the min or
max value of the animation
animation.enable boolean true / false
animation.speed number 3 Describes the rate at which particles will shrink or grow as a
function of other size values
animation.startValue string min
Defines where is the starting value of the animation, if random
property is set this will be ignored
animation.sync boolean true / false Unless animation.startValue is set to random, when sync is
toggled true, particles will change size simultaneously for
their entire duration; when false, particles begin changing
size from their time of appearance, but independently
of one another.
interface ISize {
    animation: ISizeAnimation;
    value: RangeValue;


Implemented by



animation: ISizeAnimation

The animation applied to the size of the particles.

value: RangeValue

Value of property.