Particles Move

key option type example notes
angle object See angle documentation below
attract object See attract documentation below
direction string "none"
distance object See distance documentation below
enable boolean true / false
gravity object See gravity documentation below
noise object See noise documentation below
outModes object See out modes documentation below
random boolean true / false
size boolean true / false
speed number 4 assuming a predefined distance for the particle to travel, speed is the amount of time takes to travel the predefined distance for any particle
straight boolean true / false
trail object See trail documentation below
vibrate boolean true / false
warp boolean true / false

Particles Move Angle

key option type example notes
offset boolean true / false
value number 3000

Particles Move Attract

key option type example notes
enable boolean true / false
rotate.x number 3000
rotate.y number 1500

Particles Move Distance

key option type example notes
horizontal number 50
vertical number 50

Particles Move Gravity

key option type example notes
acceleration number 9.81
enable boolean true / false
maxSpeed number 50

Particles Move Noise

key option type example notes
clamp boolean true / false
delay.value number / object 1 / { min: 0.5, max: 1.5 }
enable boolean true / false
generator string "generator name"

Particles Move Out Modes

key option type example notes
default string "out"
bottom string "out"
left string "out"
right string "out"
top string "out"

Particles Move Spin

key option type example notes
acceleration number 2
enable boolean true / false
position object { x: 50, y: 50 }

Particles Move Trail

key option type example notes
enable boolean true / false
length number 10
fillColor color object This color object is the same described here {@links IColor}
interface IMove {
    angle: number | IMoveAngle;
    attract: IMoveAttract;
    center: ICenterCoordinates;
    decay: RangeValue;
    direction: number | "none" | "left" | "top" | "bottom" | "right" | "outside" | "inside" | MoveDirectionAlt | MoveDirection | "bottomLeft" | "bottomRight" | "topLeft" | "topRight";
    distance: number | Partial<IDistance>;
    drift: RangeValue;
    enable: boolean;
    gravity: IMoveGravity;
    outModes: "split" | "none" | "bounce" | "destroy" | "out" | IOutModes | OutMode;
    path: IMovePath;
    random: boolean;
    size: boolean;
    speed: RangeValue;
    spin: ISpin;
    straight: boolean;
    trail: IMoveTrail;
    vibrate: boolean;
    warp: boolean;

Implemented by


angle: number | IMoveAngle

The angle value of the particles moving direction, in degrees.

attract: IMoveAttract

The attract options for the particles.

The center of the particles moving direction. Used when the direction is MoveDirection.inside or MoveDirection.outside, or when spin is enabled.

decay: RangeValue

The particles movement decay speed.

direction: number | "none" | "left" | "top" | "bottom" | "right" | "outside" | "inside" | MoveDirectionAlt | MoveDirection | "bottomLeft" | "bottomRight" | "topLeft" | "topRight"

The particles movement direction, if using a number, it refers to the angle, in degrees.

distance: number | Partial<IDistance>

The particles movement distance.

drift: RangeValue

The particles movement drift value.

enable: boolean

The particles movement enable status.

gravity: IMoveGravity

The particles movement gravity options.

outModes: "split" | "none" | "bounce" | "destroy" | "out" | IOutModes | OutMode

The particles out modes when leaving canvas bounds.

path: IMovePath

The particles path options.

random: boolean

Sets if the speed will be randomized or not, maximum value is speed.

size: boolean

Sets if the particle speed will change based on the particle size, so bigger particles will move faster.

speed: RangeValue

The particles movement speed.

spin: ISpin

The particles movement spin options.

straight: boolean

Sets if the particles direction will be randomized or not, if true the value won't be randomized.

trail: IMoveTrail

The particles trail options.

vibrate: boolean

Sets if the particles will vibrate or not.

warp: boolean

Sets if the particle will respawn in the same coordinates on the other side of the canvas, or it will be randomized.